Sash Window Repairs

Flack Services are specialists. We deliver a comprehensive sash window repair service.

And because we know sash windows inside out, we know exactly which part can be retained and repaired, and which may need selective replacement.

Traditional wooden box sash windows look good and are usually very robust. The quality of the original joinery is often very high, and if they are the original Victorian or Edwardian windows, they’ve already stood the test of time. With careful repair and maintenance there is no reason they shouldn’t last for years to come.

Typically, repairs are needed where specific parts of the windows have suffered or failed. This could be the wooden sill at the base, which takes a lot of wear and tear, or the sliding rails, cords and pulleys. Repairs are carried out on site so to minimise inconvenience and make it easier to ensure repairs are finished to fit seamlessly with existing woodwork. Even parts of the moving window frame can be repaired, with new wood spliced in to replace the original wood which may be damaged or rotten.

In most cases there is no need to replace the whole window.

Good repairs help maintain authenticity and are a much cheaper than full replacement. Provided all damaged wood and rot is removed, and the repaired window is properly painted inside and out, your repaired sash windows will give many years of good service – meaning that the look of the window and your home will be retained, as well as helping to maximise the house’s value when sold.


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