Draught Proofing

Sash Window Draft Proofing

Old sash windows have a reputation for being drafty – and it’s true that, as they age, they can lose their original snug fit. Modern sash windows are fitted with very effective draft proofing and this can also be fitted to existing wooden sash windows.

In traditional box sash windows, there is a small gap either side of the window sashes which allows them to slide to open and close. Over time this can cause problems, especially if the windows are not cared for well. Without draft proofing these gaps can cause not only drafts, but heat loss, rattles and dust ingress.

By draft proofing, these problems will be eliminated.

This is a welcome ‘invisible’ improvement to your home. Benefits will include

  • Your home will feel warmer and it will be more energy efficient
  • Exterior noise will be reduced
  • Sashes will slide more smoothly and quietly
  • No more rattling on a windy day
  • No more dust blowing in or accumulating in the window frame

As an independent business, Flack Services can choose from a variety of insulation products. We can provide the one most suitable for your windows and your home.

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