Encapsulated Stained Glass

Flack Services: Specialists in Encapsulated Stained Glass for Sash Windows

Many older houses have stained glass or coloured glass panes as features of the original sash windows – keeping them in situ helps maintain the house as it was designed to be, and provides a comforting level of continuity, and sometimes welcome privacy.

Some large window companies may tell you they can’t be saved, but this is not true.

Flack Services are specialists in encapsulating original stained glass in modern double glazing, so it can be re-fitted to your existing sash windows.

When it’s old, even plain coloured glass can be very brittle and requires great care. And working with the original leaded windows with stained glass requires experience and technical knowledge – which is what we have. Where restoration work is required, we have access to experts in this field, so we can be sure that the original glass is in top condition before being encapsulated in a modern high-quality double glazed unit. Encapsulation can be used for full stained glass, plain coloured glass and leaded lights.

Stained glass encapsulation is a technique that means you can keep the original character of a window, room and house while benefiting from modern glazing – and because this process creates a triple glazed window, there is valuable insulation along the way.

This is work we take great pride in doing well, knowing that we’re helping keep your window and your home just as it should be.

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