Sash Window Renovation is a viable alternative to replacement

Sometimes sash windows have gone beyond the point where selective repairs are enough. And this is often the moment where a home owner can be forgiven for assuming that replacement is required. If it’s obvious that maintenance has been neglected, and the windows and frames look in a bad way, it may be tempting to think that only total replacement will do. If this is you, stop!

Very often a thorough renovation is suitable, and will leave the windows looking and working as good as new.


And if you’ve been tempted by UPVC replacements, think again. Homes are the sum of their parts, so keeping a house looking as it was intended to look is important. Installing UPVC replacement windows will never be the same as proper wooden sash windows, especially where the character of house depends on the whole look.

A comprehensive renovation can include

  • Removal and replacement of rotten or damaged wood and loose putty
  • Preparing and painting of all wood, old and new
  • Old beading and sash cords removed and replaced with new
  • Upper and lower sashes released when stuck
  • Sash cords replaced and sash weights adjusted to balance.
  • Sashes checked and re-hung to ensure easy sliding
  • Replacing old glass with new, including the option of double glazing
  • Draft proofing
  • Fitting of new window furiniture , such as centre catch, sash lifts and sash pulls
  • Additional window locks fitted

With Flack Services, every install is sensitive to the original charm and aesthetic of your building. Lovingly restoring or updating your tired or neglected wood box sash windows in a cost-effective alternative to replacement

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Sash Window Replacement – with Replacement Wooden Sash Windows

Where repair or renovation is not practicable, replacement is an obvious solution. And if your home has wooden sash windows, replacing them with modern wooden sash windows makes good sense.

At Flack Services, our replacement windows will be made to match the ones being taken out, with the advantage of several modern options

  • Single glazed like for like, but with modern toughened and / or low-E glass
  • Double glazed units using low-E glass and filled with argon gas – sensitively fitted so the double glazing is only noticeable on close inspection.
  • A choice of glazing finishes included coloured, patterned or sand blasted.
  • Traditional locks and furniture, and draft proofing [ furniture ]
  • Existing stained glass retained and encapsulated into a double glazing unit.

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Double Glazing for Original Existing Sash Windows

If you’re considering double glazing but are worried by the apparent complexities of sash windows, think again. Fitting double-glazed units to existing sash windows is now a common experience*, and it’s an area where Flack Services have real expertise.

New double glazed units will be made to fit your existing windows, and, even with elegant thin framing, the units are hard to identify as double glazed on a first glance. The specifications for your units may vary, depending on the exact style of window, but  all the choices for modern glazing should be available for your retro-fitted doble glazing as if it was a new window.

Options include

  • Modern coloured or sandblasted glass
  • Toughened glass
  • Low-E glass units filled with Argon gas
  • Encapsulated stained glass

We take great pleasure in minimizing waste, and it’s hugely satisfying to use existing joinery to help improve your windows and your home.

*Some rare sash windows may not accommodate double glazing.

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